Hi! We’re Josh and Leslie, and we are the husband-and-wife team behind Collins Family Recording!
We met at Cuesta College in San Luis Obispo in a recording arts class while both studying music. Now seven years later, we are so happy to be starting our own studio!

Josh has been playing guitar since he was 8 years old. He went through the jazz program at Cuesta College and has played guitar in many different groups and combos including an award winning jazz combo called “Sperdak”. Now he plays guitar in SLO-based soul/r&b group “Próxima Parada”. Josh is well versed in many styles of music and has a very deep understanding of music theory. He loves helping other people write and arrange their songs.
Leslie studied music at Cuesta College as a percussionist before changing paths and going to culinary school. She now works as a personal chef with a focus in providing nourishing and healthy meals for people. She loves the idea of incorporating this into the recording studio!

“I have been a recording artist and professional musician for a decade. I have always known two things about recording: recording is expensive, and it is charged hourly. This tends to create a very tense environment to record in. It was hard to relax, feel the music and come out with a product I was proud of. When I started recording my music myself, I found the process to be much more comfortable. I could take my time and really get what I wanted. Now, I have an opportunity to provide that peace of mind for other people. By designing a flat rate payment system, Leslie and I can ensure that our clients will feel our support and our true desire to send them away with the best possible and most impactful version of their music.” -Josh Collins

Collins Family Recording is located in the Collins home, providing a very comfortable space to work, and access to a kitchen with tea and coffee available. They also provide accommodations for people traveling from out of town. Upon request, they can include gourmet cooked meals for clients working on larger projects.